What makes Feather and Frond Forest School unique? 

We are so grateful that there are so many fantastic programs that connect children with nature in our area!  We wish for as many people as possible to connect with the natural world and we encourage you to check out all of your options and see what works best for you and your family!

Now, with so many great choices for your family, why should you choose Feather and Frond Forest School?

  • Year-Round Programs:  Our Forest Kindergarten and Homeschool Enrichment Programs run weekly for the entire school year, not just seasonally.  We believe that there is much value in interacting with the same natural area over the course of many months and witnessing it shift throughout the seasons.  This allows for a true nurturing of the relationships between each student and that particular landscape.  Similarly, we feel as though the deep bonds that form amongst students that share in the learning and growing experience throughout an entire school-year are truly wonderful and very beneficial to their social and emotional growth and inter-personal skills. 
  • Deep Nature Connection:  We offer deep nature immersion.  Beyond simply learning about the environment from a book, we encourage our students to experience the world around them with all of their senses.  We get dirty, hide beneath ferns, smell Douglas Fir resin, taste wild berries and listen to the language of the birds.  These deeply embodied sensory connections with nature are incredibly beneficial to health and well-being of all humans, regardless of age.
  • Earth Skills:  We mentor children in real earth-based skills.  Based on age and interest, our students engage in earth-based skills ranging from wild edible and medicinal plant ID to safe carving with knives, primitive fire-making, cordage-making, basketry and more!
  • Mixed Gender:   Although we may occasionally have opportunities where we divide into smaller gender-specific groups, we feel that there is much value in all gender identities learning with and from each other in a community setting. 
  • Coyote Mentoring / 8 Shields Model:  We use both “Coyote Mentoring” and “The Eight Shields Model” in our programs.  Learn more about our Philosophy  & Learning Culture and our Curriculum.
  • Long-term Mentoring:  The magic of Coyote Mentoring unfolds beautifully and most effectively with long-term mentoring of students.  Children who are involved in this type of immersive learning over the course of several months and/or years experience tremendous individual growth and deeper connections with their mentors and the learning community.