Recommended Gear List*

*Lovingly borrowed from Vashon Wilderness Program

There are a few essentials for each student to bring each day in order for them and everyone else to remain happy and healthy during our adventures:

Clothes to get grubby

We definitely have a focus on immersing our students and ourselves in the natural world. In light of this, earth tones or camouflage are great choices. We do go out in the rain in the winter.  Clothes should be warm, like a wool sweater or jacket, or some fleece or polypropylene underwear that will stay warm when wet. Cotton or cotton blends won’t do when the weather turns cold. A warm hat is a must, and a raincoat is also a great idea to send along, even if it only gets used here and there.


We require that all students have close-toed shoes (not sandals/tevas/etc.) for class. Waterproof Boots are the choice of many students, especially during the wet weather.


Students are required to bring their lunch each day of class, as well as water or some other beverage to drink. We suggest that this and all other gear be carried in a comfortable backpack.


We have a library of field guides and other interesting books about the natural world that students are able to use while in class. These are not able to travel home, so we recommend that students have access to books like these from the library or to begin assembling their own library. These are great gift ideas and if you want suggestions please ask us.


We suggest that each student bring a small notebook/sketchbook, as well as a pen or pencil to draw or write with.

Lost and Found

We recommend writing names on backpacks, clothing, lunch box, etc., as we have noticed that sometimes students don’t recognize that these personal belongings have disappeared.  We will attempt to collect lost items and have them available at sign in the following week.