Owl Eyes Village After-School (ages 6-11)

THURSDAYS @ Fairhaven Park | 1:45 pm - 4:15 pm

  • FALL '19 SESSION | 09/19 - 12/12 

    • 12 Classes, $270

    • (No Class 11/28)

  • SPRING '20 SESSION | 02/27 - 05/28 

    • 13 Classes, $295

    • (No Class 04/09)

  • Enroll in both Sessions and Receive a 5% Discount off of total tuition!

Thursdays are 12:45 early dismissal days for Bellingham Public Schools.  Our answer Owl Eyes!

Thursdays are 12:45 early dismissal days for Bellingham Public Schools.

Our answer Owl Eyes!



Owl Eyes is an abridged version of our 8-Shields Nature Connection programs, Fox Walkers and Fire Keepers.  We will meet each week after school to explore the local forest, play Nature Awareness games and focus some of that energy that has built up after a day in the classroom!

Do want your child running home to play video games or running outside with friends building forts, jumping in puddles, searching for salamanders, singing songs, climbing trees and practicing Earth-based survival skills?

Owl Eyes is now open to children aged 6-11 and will be fostering a “Village” vibe to accommodate the wide age range.

There will be something for everyone!

We will be playing big running games, and slow, sneaking games. We will make up songs and build fairy houses, sketch mushrooms and make fire. We will harness the creativity of the group and play off of our environment to create moments that no group of humans have created before! The sky is the limit…

An important component of Owl Eyes will include safe, responsible knife use. After learning our safety guidelines, we will whittle and work on projects that include knife skills and use of hand tools. If any of the younger children are not ready to use their own blade, they can learn by observing the older children as well as get some practice with a butter knife or similar tools all while learning basic knife safety and techniques in a low-risk environment.

Mostly though, it is going to be a blast! We hope your child can come join us in the forest.

Group Size Limited to 14 students - First Come, First Served