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2018-19 School Year!

Last Day of 2018 Spring Session Is June 6!

For 7-11 yr olds.

Looking for a shorter commitment or something on the weekend? Check out our Owl Eyes After-school Program on Thursday/Early-release day!

2018-19 School Year 

Sept 12, 2018 - June 5, 2019    (34 Program Days)

 A student learns how to safely carve wood  with his new knife.

A student learns how to safely carve wood  with his new knife.

Did we mention that Fire Keepers have a lot of FUN?!?!

Through passions- and inquiry-based learning, nature awareness games, storytelling, creative play, and wild wanderings, Fire Keepers gain a deeper connection to the world of plants, mammals, birds, animal tracking, and survival skills.  Students also cultivate a deeper connection to their community and to the unique gifts and talents that they bring to the world as individuals.  

Throughout the year, we will following the natural flow of the natural cycle and  8-shields nature mentoring curriculum.  

See you at Whatcom Falls!

If your child attends school or cannot commit to the weekly program, be sure to check out our Owl Eyes After-school Program!

The Barred Owls (7-11) meet on Thursdays (Early Release Day at all public schools!) from 1:45-4:15 PM at Fairhaven Park.