Fire Keepers | Weeks 28 + 29 | Families, Fairies, Foxes, and Fun

Weeks 28 and 29? It feels like we are just getting started, but we are coming to the conclusion of the school year in just a handful of weeks.  This is such a fun time of the year as everyone feels comfortable in the group and a really strong connection to our favorites places.  The energy of the forest and the children is generally cranked up to 11 so we have been playing a lot of games to help burn it off! The last two weeks have been beautiful and full of Bird Activity and explosions of green as the world of plants awakens once again to blanket seemingly every inch of the northwest life and color.

Week 28 happened to be family day and it was super fun.  We had a rotating cast of Moms, Dads, Brothers, Sisters, Grandparents, Uncles, Aunties and friends out to support their Fire Keepers and take a glimpse into what we do out there!   While the pacing is very different then normal on these long family days, we really appreciate getting to connect with our families in this way and we hope you all do as well.

We had a packed day that included a lot of games — major highlights included Wolf Ball, Jays & Chickadees at Vine Maple Village, and Rabbits & Coyote at Coyote Meadow.  In the morning besides playing games, Melissa and a few of the kids and parents helped harvest some blossoms for fritters including dandelions, OR grape, and a few maples that were still on the tree. They tossed them in pancake batter and lightly fried them in oil… Served with a little maple syrup — YUM!

With the help of the Fox Wolkers, we preformed Bird Language skits to help clue us into the language of the forest, specifically from our Avian friends.   We learned the voice of male on male aggression (a common sight right now), juvenile begging, and alarm.  We later experienced a big dose of empathy for those creatures when we played Jays and Chickadees in the afternoon. Jays and Chickadees is a big bird language experience and I know I am tired and have a much greater appreciation when we are done playing, especially when you realize that the birds don’t get to have a “time-out” and the stakes of the game they are playing are much more dire.

Week 29 was just a magical day.  The sun was shining and the kids came ready to rock! After playing Noodle Ninja and honing our scout skills, we shared a tale from the Herb Fairies saga over snack and busted out on a big adventure!  We went to a favorite locale from last year that we haven’t visited in a long time, Drum Hill.   The energy was palpable from the kids so we gave them some “Let it Rip” free play time where some really magical happening occurred.   Beside the kids continuing to make deep connections to each other and the forest, there was amazing tree climbing time, stick whacking/“sword fights”, a spontaneous dance contest and a really cool imaginative play where a bunch of the younger Fire Keepers played in the realm of the Herb Fairies and had some magical adventures that transported them to another realm!     When we gathered everyone back together we played some really fun rounds of Eagle Eye, which the kids in Herb Fairies happened to be playing in the morning story. 

Somehow after lunch we still had time to work on a really cool (and kinda complicated) whittling project, making little wood foxes out of branch wood.   There is something I really love when all the kids are hard at work engaged on a project especially when we are deep in the forest.  I feel really blessed to get to help facilitate the space for these kids to shine! They were all so proud of their end results, I wish I got a good group shot! I loved this project and have a feeling we will be whittling more forest creatures in future!

75 and Sunny is what this week is calling for, what Nature Magic and adventures await us? Stay tuned… In the meantime, I hope you all get a chance to explore the forest around us…

Please tell us what you find.