Fox Walkers | Weeks 22 + 23 | Nature Names, Sit Spot & Spring Magic

It has been a fun and magical couple of weeks at Fox Walkers as we embrace this exciting transition into Spring!  Each day as we wander the woods we are amazed the cacophony of birdsong, all of the new plant growth, and the abundance of hungry “mud monsters” that have arrived since the snow has melted!  

We’ve been revisiting our Nature Names as well as practicing the core routine known as Sit Spot.  The Fox Walkers heard a story about the time when our friend’s brother Tim went on a wilderness survival trip in VT and encountered a moose.  At first he was a little scared of the moose but eventually the moose ended up laying down next to his primitive shelter and licking his face as he slept!  Since then he has felt deeply connected with moose in general and he has embraced that animal as his nature name.  Moose has taught him so much!  What do each of our nature names have to teach us?  One of the ways that we have been cultivating more empathy for our nature name animals is by playing a game that I like to call “Nature Name Charades”, which involves splitting the group up into two and having half the group randomly select a one of the nature name cards.  Then they imitate that animal while the other half of the group tries to guess which animal it is.  This is a really great way for us to connect with each nature name and really bring awareness to how these creatures move through the forest!

The Fox Walkers also heard a Sit Spot story from Patrick about an incredible encounter that him and I had with a Barred Owl many years ago while we were both at our sit spots one evening.  Afterward the Fox Walkers some spent time having a little Sit Spot of their own, and it was so nice to hear their observations afterwards during our sharing circle.  The Fairhaven Fox Walkers had a sweet little sit spot at Salmon Bend, where they observed a male Mallard duck navigating the creek and calling for the female Mallard which we had spotted earlier.  The Whatcom Falls Fox Walkers had some sit spot time at Owl Pellet Plateau, which was a great end to a magical day that included exciting discoveries such as fresh owl pellets, two Ensatina Salamanders, the sounds of two Barred Owls calling to each other, and a deer sighting!  

Pat and I are so proud of these young budding naturalists and all of the sweet connections that they have been making with the natural world and with each other!