Fire Keepers | Weeks 18 + 19 | Winter Tracking Magic & Snowy Shenanigans

Wow, wow, wow. . .what an awesome couple of weeks we just had with the Fire Keepers!  Snowmaggedon was simply epic!  There are so many highlights to write about, but I think the first one that comes to mind for me is stumbling upon fresh River Otter tracks in the snow.  This otter was loping right around some picnic tables, not too far from our morning drop off spot!  The Fire Keepers followed the otter tracks back towards Heart Home, and although they eventually lost its trail, they then stumbled upon a deer trail, which led to a patch of dirt in the snow, which actually was a deer lay/bed!  There are so many wild creatures that roam Whatcom Falls Park, and following their tracks in the snow is akin to reading the “stories” that they leave behind — it’s such an exciting experience!

Another highlight was following deer tracks though Owl Pellet Plateau (and spotting lots of squirrel, bird, and rabbit tracks along the way!) and then finally making it to Coyote Meadow, where there were coyote tracks, of course!  Coyote Meadow was full of very deep snow, perfect for snowball-making!  It was there that the Fire Keepers worked together to roll up huge snowballs, which they used to make massive snowmen.  Some of the Fire Keepers also shape-shifted into otters as they slid head-first down an EPIC sledding hill!  

The Fire Keepers have also really been enjoying playing the The Subnivean Zone Game.  The subnivean zone is the area between the surface of the ground and the bottom of the snowpack.   Little critters such as mice, voles, and shrews make tunnel systems in this zone, which offer them a layer of protection from the elements and from predators.  In the game, there is a “tunnel system” in the snow that the voles must run through to escape the hungry weasel.  It’s a super fun way to stay warm out there in the snow!

Although the snow is gone (for now!), the memories that were created during snowpocalypse will live on in our hearts!  The pure magic that comes from spending a snowy day in the forest with children is truly such a gift, and Pat and I are so grateful to have had that experience with the Fire Keepers. Looking forward to more magical adventures this week. . .