Fox Walkers | Week 2 & 3 | Autumn Fun & Elderberry Magic

We’ve been having a magical couple of weeks at Fox Walkers…. full of learning, growing and fun!

The children are starting to get to know the rhythm of our days together, and it’s sweet to witness them come alive as we play our morning games, work on various projects, shape-shift into wild creatures during our morning movement circle, sing various transition songs throughout the day, and embrace the mysteries and teachings of the forest on our adventures!

We’ve been practicing using our Owl Eyes and our Raccoon Touch, getting to know Cerulea the Elderberry Fairy, having muddy adventures at creeks, chopping wood and roasting apples over hot coals, building shelters and fairy houses, playing with “tree cookies”, gazing at incredible spider webs, discovering all sorts of cool-looking mushrooms, matching the variety of foliage to color swatches, writing our names in the dirt with sticks, and counting out cups of water, honey, and Blue Elderberries to make medicinal Elderberry Syrup. We’ve been practicing how to gather when we hear the crow call, and what it looks like to “Respect the Forest, Respect Ourselves and Respect Each Other!”. It has been such a sweet learning journey so far, and we are only just beginning!  Pat and I are so excited to witness each Fox Walker learn and grow throughout this school year!

We hope you enjoy the Elderberry syrup!  It’s made from Blue Elderberries that Pat and I harvested in Leavenworth a couple of weeks ago. May it help you and your family stay healthy and free of colds and flu as we shift seasons.  (For more information on Blue Elderberries and their benefits, check out my Wild Wednesdays blog HERE!)  Remember to keep your syrup refrigerated!