Fox Walkers | Week 1 | Creatures of the Forest

Last Tuesday we kicked off our very first week of Fox Walkers Forest Kindergarten for the 2018-19 school year!  It was such a joy for us to reconnect with returning students and get to know lots of new faces as well.

It was a week of adventure and play, learning and fun.  We practiced using our Owl Eyes while playing a game that we call Owl Eye, we shape-shifted into coyotes and rabbits and hid amongst the ferns, we chased each other’s Fox Tails, and imitated the busy scurrying of Squirrel in our movement circle (and we even observed a squirrel up close!).

Our puppet show was the tale of two Juncos who observed a boy and a girl using their fox feet and sitting quietly at their sit spots.  It was because of the quiet and observant nature of these two humans that they were able to watch an owl hunt a squirrel!  The Juncos were amazed by this, because most people they see are usually just stomping quickly around the forest, making lots of noise, scaring off the wild creatures and missing out on the forest magic.  It’s amazing what you can see once you slow down and pay attention! 

We also explored the tracks of coyote, badger, deer and bobcat in the tracking box.  We adventured to new places and revisited old favorites.  We practiced what it looks like to safely use sticks for walking as well as for whacking stumps, which as you know is a natural instinct for this age group (especially for the boys).  We agreed to only whack dead debris and let the living plants be.  We even wrote a song about it!  It goes like this:

“We use to sticks to walk in the woods, and if we want to whack, a lot of space is good.  You can whack a stump or a tree that is dead, but be sure not to whack a friend in their head!”