Fire Keepers | Week 01 | A New Year of Adventure Awaits

This past week we started the school year with the Fire Keepers Homeschool Enrichment Program off right! Even amongst the returning fall rains, we managed to find blue skies and sunshine out in the wilds of Whatcom Falls.   We have a few returning Fire Keepers from last year and some new friends. There is also a small pack of boys who moved up from our Fox Walker Forest Kindergarten Program so they can step up to the extra challenge of a longer days and increased expectations of maturity that come with Fire Keepers. What an amazing group! We have a wide range of ages and experience and I truly believe that every single one of these kids has a lot to offer the community!  A whole new year of adventures awaits!

We heard a great story from Melissa (originally inspired by our buddy Jan) about Grema, a young Nordic boy whose sister almost drowned but was pulled out of the icy river by a mysterious hand. Grema went back to check the tracks at the scene for clues and ends up learning about and being initiated into a Secret Scout Society that is his Father and Grandfather and many other members of the community belonged to… Hopefully this has gotten the Fire Keepers thinking about other ways to move and be in the forest.  

Getting acquainted to the forest and each other, we played some favorite games, climbed mountains, caught Salamanders and ate the last remaining blackberries and learned about knife safety. We cleaned up garbage and talked about stewardship. We then got to practice whittling using green invasive American Holly. Using this easy to carve but strong wood, we made some stakes that both taught us a few different techniques for safe carving and gave us a tool to stake out some tarps a little later in the year when we need to set up some tarps to shield the persistent November Rain…

It’s going to be a fantastic year, stay tuned here for pics and stories!