Bird, Bird, Everywhere a Bird


Greeting Nature Lovers,

Patrick here with a quick Wild Wednesday note while the robins alarm at the owls in the forest and clouds and sunlight dance together on the water at the end of a long, wet and beautiful summer day.

I just wanted to bring your awareness to the birds for a hot minute… To paraphrase the famous Five Man Electrical Band song from 1970:

Bird, bird, everywhere a bird
Parking that convertible
Watch out for their turds
Do this, don’t do that
Can’t you see the birds?
Cute Varied Thrush Babies! They successfully fledged!

Cute Varied Thrush Babies! They successfully fledged!

Or something like that! 

Anyhoo, the birds have been super active lately and there is just a flurry of avian activity from pre-dawn to post-dusk (and sometimes in between!) It seems like almost every walk Melissa and I take recently we find a piece of a broken egg, most of them bright Robin’s Egg blue.  Once they have the search image it is a fun scavenger hunt with little one. The color sure stands out amongst our greenery!

In recents weeks, walking quietly and listening to the language of the birds we have seen multiple owls (including one robbing a Robin’s nest), a varied thrush nest, baby wrens, chickadees, ducks, geese, barred owls, creepers, woodpeckers and so many more. The babies haven’t developed much sense yet and are loud and hungry so they make themselves known! 

To read more about Bird Language, please refer to Melissa’s blogs from last spring:

This life is a gift and not every young bird makes it.  

This life is a gift and not every young bird makes it.  

I would love to hear more about what you have been up to out there in your nature adventures. Have you seen any baby birds? Any active nests? Let us know what you are seeing in your neck of the woods.

Have a great evening and don't forget to for listen for Baby Owls,