Fox Walkers | Week 28 | Camo and Kooky Characters

Spring is fully sprung! I have noticed it in the new growth all around, the yellow dusting of pollen on top of everything, in the birds who have become much more protective and surreptitious, and in the children who have become kookier and more energetic then ever...  I love it!  

In between spending really quality time being quiet and fox walking and sitting with magical creatures in the forest, there is still plenty of time for imaginative play, being silly with friends and whatever else the day, terrain and flow have to offer.  These are truly magical days out there. Our kids are really feeling comfortable together and now that rain layers are coming off its a whole new world out there! 

We explored the world of nature camouflage this week in all its many great forms. Not only did we make our own face paints out of clay and water and mud and charcoal, and made ferns our friends but we observed masters of camo in the field such as Caterpillar, Barred Owl, Deer and Melissa! We put our camo to the test playing fun hiding and finding games such as Eagle Eye, Raven Spy, Hiker on the Trail, Sardines and more.  We transformed from in inside out into Fox, Bear, Jay, Rock, Cedar Tree, Centipede, Frog, Space Alien, Wind and more while we further deepened our connection to the wonderful, magical places that we are blessed to run our programs and the beings that inhabit them. 

Other highlights at Fairhaven included a dry day at the Falcon Nest, checking in on the amazing salamander eggs (the pond is drying up but the larvae have gills!), making holly bows and arrows, eating OR Grape leaves and standing under a daytime owl and scaring the heck out of Patrick with their wild 12-legged creatures!

Highlights at Whatcom include welcoming our first sub, Jamie, who brought a lot of Parkour, Forest Ninja energy to the group. We found a cool new zone to explore and practiced moving like ninjas, foxes, squirrels and raccoons over the logs. We practiced being scouts and hid amongst the pokey and delicious OR Grape. Sad note was that we discovered someone had taken down Heart Home, but the kids took it in stride! Jamie told a great story with a Flute intro/outro that include a Yellow Jacket sting and the kids eyes got wide but the handled it great! Progress over a few months ago for sure... Good to have the awareness again as things warm up. 

What a great week, see you all soon!