Fox Walkers | Weeks 30 & 31 | Giving Back

As we transition into the final weeks of Fox Walkers Forest Kindergarten for the 2017-18 school year, the children have been busy giving back.  Giving back to the land, and giving back to the creatures that have given them so much over the past year.  We’ve been making bees boxes to provide habitat for the bees, building fairy houses for the Herb Fairies, pulling up invasive plants to make room for native species, and cleaning up trash to protect the animals.  And in between all of that hard work of giving back, we’ve also been stopping to smell the flowering roses, investigating various inverterbrates, making "fairy burritos", collecting pine pollen, munching on Salmonberry-Rose “tacos”, nibbling on young Oregon Grape leaves, hiding in the bushes, exploring new tracking spots, climbing trees, and hearing all about the latest adventures of the Herb Fairies.   This is such a magical time of year, and Pat and I feel truly honored to share such special days with this wonderful crew of students.  Check out the photo galleries below for more of what we've been up to:

FAIRHAVEN FOX WALKERS:                                                                                                                                    WHATCOM FALLS FOX WALKERS: