Fox Walkers | Week 29 | Mother's Day Offerings & Wild Wanderings

Wow!  What a beautiful week it was!  The Fox Walkers have been loving all of the abundance of springtime.  So much to touch, taste, smell and listen for out there in the forest these days!

Last week, with Mother’s Day on the horizon, we decided to celebrate the mamas in our lives by making a sweet nature-inspired offering for them, using materials from the Earth.  We made “nature looms” using sticks that we harvested and a bit of yarn.  We wove in some of the colorful offerings of spring: flowers, fresh plant growth, ferns and lichens.  Thanks to all the mamas out there--especially mama Earth!--for being so loving, caring and generous!

Some highlights of our week at Fairhaven included:  visiting Forest Home (where the "Fire Station" is) , taking a long journey through Hundred Acre Wood where we explored many cool new magical places (including the Faerie Herb Garden!), playing Owl Eye amongst a mossy and fern-filled forest grove, and exploring a debris shelter that we stumbled upon in the forest.

Some highlights of Friday's class at Whatcom Falls included:  a forest visit from a pair of Mallards, a young buck sighting, practicing our fox feet as we snuck up on a cottontail while it was nibbling a dandelion, meeting some Herb Faeries, exploring and building a dam at Clam Cove, and playing Run Rabbits Run!

Hope you all had a beautiful Mother’s Day!

FAIRHAVEN PARK PICS:                                                                                                                                                WHATCOM FALLS PARK PICS: