Fox Walkers | Week 27 | Plant Magic & Animal Encounters

Last week at Fox Walkers was truly full of magic, mystery and springtime excitement.  Sunny skies and forests full of animal activity and abundant plant growth had us feeling amazed and energized every step of the way!

Pat and I decided to inspire some Plant Magic by reading a couple of chapters from “Stellaria’s Big Find”, the first book of the Herb Faeries series.  Herb Fairies is an incredibly magical chapter book series and herbal learning system for children, written by Wildcraft! board game creator Kimberly Gallagher.  I absolutely love these books and the detail with which they were written and illustrated.  This first book, “Stellaria’s Big Find” highlights Stellaria, the Chickweed Faerie.  We love chickweed, not only because it’s tasty and makes a great base for a wild edible salad, but also because it makes a wonderful healing poultice for cuts, scrapes, and other skin irritations.

The Herb Faeries book inspired the Fox Walkers to go looking for the magical plant chickweed and its accompanying faerie Stellaria.   Although we didn’t find Stellaria herself, we did nibble on some chickweed, spot some possible faeries house locations and added a few stalks of chickweed to our plant press!  

Some highlights of our time together last week at FAIRHAVEN included:  encountering a massive garter snake sprawled out in the middle of the trail, Pat getting pooped on by a Robin!, observing Barred Owls calling to each other in the trees, munching on lots of Pacific Waterleaf at Cedar Highway, opening up a “wild edible cafe”, playing a challenging and educational game of Plant Concentration and a sneaky game of Ravenspy, smelling the delightful scent of Elderberry flowers, peeling and eating fresh Fireweed shoots, munching on steamed Stinging Nettles, and getting to know a couple of visitors!

Some highlights of our time together last week at WHATCOM FALLS PARK included: silently observing a possible Junco nest, romping around on Squirrel Rock, finding raccoon and beaver tracks on the beach, building a dam on the creek, playing a challenging game of Plant Concentration, finding a crayfish, and spotting a Cooper Hawk flying high above us in the trees!

WHATCOM FALLS PARK:                                                                                                                                             FAIRHAVEN PARK: