Fire Keepers | Week 8 | Sunny Survival Skills

Brother Sun was shining strong this past week and it was a great day to practice some survival skills and soak up some Vitamin D! 

Melissa told a story about young Tom Brown, Jr. Tom is a famous survivalist who happened upon 10 years of training by an old Apache scout in New Jersey of all places back when he was a 10 year old boy.  Tom ended up teaching Jon Young who started Wilderness Awareness School and is a major reason we are doing this work.  If you are ever looking for a great read pick up "The Tracker" or the "Way of the Scout" or any of Tom's survival books, there is so many great stories and a wealth of information.

We continued working on various projects including our digger/boppers, natural cordage, bow drill spindles, fishing poles and more.  The survival stories got the kids pretty stoked to work on some shelters of their own. 

Besides all the hard work, we explored down by the creek, made, fairy houses/gardens, stomped around barefoot, played some awesome games, journaled, camouflaged with mud/clay and watched the birds doing their spring time thing! There were some very close encounters with a few nature names as well including Great Blue Heron, Anna's Hummingbird and Osprey!