Week 22 & 23 | Fox Walkers | Baby Bird Sounds & Animal Tracking

The Fox Walkers have been soaking up the sights and sounds of Spring in their Owl Eyes and Deer Ears over the past couple weeks.  Here’s a bit about what they've been up to:

We wrapped up our Bird Language curriculum with an awareness of a bird voice that is becoming more and more common as we transition into warmer months:  Juvenile begging—  the sound of baby birds begging for food!  Have you heard any begging birds lately??  Baby owls may have hatched already, and perhaps hummingbirds too!  Keep those Deer Ears tuned in. . .

This past week we dove into Animal Tracking!  A story about Badora—a young girl who goes on a tracking quest to help the hunters of her village become more successful—inspired our tracking adventures and reminded us that wisdom can be gleamed from creatures of many sizes, even from a small spider! 

A highlight of our Animal Tracking theme was playing around in the tracking box in the mornings.  The tracking box is simply a wooden box filled with sand.  We spent some time using preserved animal feet and plaster-casted animal tracks to see how they show up when imprinted in the sand.  We even played a cool track-guessing game!  

Some additional highlights from Fox Walkers at Fairhaven Park over the past couple of weeks were:  meeting the “Crow Lady” who lives next to Fairhaven Park and feeds the birds peanuts everyday, plaster-casting a raccoon track, discovering a deer leg that was eaten by some sort of predator, watching an Eagle devour a Flounder while perched on a tree deep in the forest (!!!), playing Stick Drag, Fire Keeper, Master Tracker and Hand Tag, and adventuring to Hundred Acre Wood and Cedar Highway in the pouring rain!

Some highlights for Fox Walkers at Whatcom Falls Park over the past couple of weeks were:  watching two Pileated Woodpeckers excavating a snag, having the kids (aka mommy and dady birds) "feed" us instructors ( aka baby birds), playing Owl Eye and Stick Drag, discovering a Long-Toed Salamander, getting clayed up at Clay Beach, and hanging out with Leo the Foxy-Wolf-Coyote Dog!

This past week was our last week with our incredible intern/teaching assistant Skye a.k.a. Skye-ote.  Due to her schedule changes starting next semester at WWU she won't be able to join us on Fridays anymore.  It was truly an honor to have her with us over the past few months and we're really going to miss her exuberant playful spirit and her incredible mentoring skills.  We hope she can stop by/sneak up on us sometime before the end of the year!  Let's all give a great big Coyote yip of appreciation for Skye..  Yip yip yip..   THANK YOU SO MUCH SKYE-OTE!!


Whatcom Falls Park

Fairhaven Park