Fire Keepers | Week 4 | The Magical Sunny Land of Cattail and Otter

A Tracking box is easy to make at home - just repurpose and old box, cardboard tray, shoebox, etc or build a more elaborate model — just fill it with sand, wet it down and have fun!
— Kingfisher

Springtime in the PNW! Sometimes you get high 30’s and rain all day as we did last week and sometimes its 55 and sunny and feels like summer!   After getting cold and soaked the previous week, our Fire Keepers had an perfect sunny day that was one for the ages! The kids’ energy was right there with the sun and we had a super fun day out there!

We brought our tracking box for the morning arrival time. The kids took turns making tracks in the sand with our collection of track casts and feet and their bare hands! Tracking with children (and adults sometimes!) can feel frustrating when the tracks get stepped on!   Having a tracking box up in the air can be an amazing teaching tool… You could even bait it or put in on a known animal trail in your favorite secret spot and catch some wild tracks!

Other highlights of the amazingly gorgeous day included playing Master Tracker, carving soft green holly, making a bath of cattail fluff, and of course taking off our boots and socks, rolling up our pants and getting up close and personal with the mud, clay and water at Clay Beach with the sun shining overhead!!!   Oh, and while we were exploring the cattail zone, Leo the Dog found an otter latrine! There was one fresh scat, a bunch of old ones and some Otter tracks on the beach!!! So exciting! Someday, we hope to spy the otter with this crew!

What a day, what a day, what a day!