Fire Keepers | Week 3 | Keeping Fire

They say that the knowing is in the doing.  If that’s the case, then our crew of Fire Keepers is really starting to get to know the art of fire-making!

Last Wednesday, despite some recent hints of Spring, the weather relapsed a bit and we were greeted at Whatcom Falls by a cold and very rainy day!  Luckily the cold and wet didn’t hinder the enthusiasm of this excited crew!  After spending the morning playing a high-energy game of Fire in the Forest, examining animal skulls and plaster-casted animal tracks from the nature museum, and hearing a story about the time Pat and I took a 5-day survival trip with 30 of our classmates, the Fire Keepers set out on an adventure to a new favorite secret spot up on the ridge overlooking the falls. 

Once we arrived at the secret spot we formed a impromptu percussion band and spent some time jamming out with some sticks, rotten logs and rocks!  It was amazing to see how excited the crew was about making music in the woods!   We also enjoyed practicing our fox-walking and using our Deer Ears as we played a sneaking game called Fire Keeper.  

After lunch we decided to head on back to the Small Shelter area to get a fire going, since a bunch of the kids were feeling really cold and wet from all the rain.  Since it was so wet it took a lot of effort to get some dry materials together.  We spent a good amount of time making a tinder bundle out of some jute and the inner bark of Cedar, using our knives to make “feather sticks”, and batoning wood into smaller pieces for tinder. 

With lots of effort, hard work and determination by the Fire Keepers as well and Pat and I, we successfully got a good fire going.  We rejoiced and warmed our soggy bones around the fire while roasting any food possible from our lunches, ie- pepperoni, orange slices, dried mango, carrots and even walnuts! 

We're truly grateful for fire and the lessons that the natural world has to teach us, and we are looking forward to perhaps a warmer and dried day with the Fire Keepers this Wednesday!