Fox Walkers | Weeks 12 & 13 | Meadow Magic & Wisdom of the Wind

The past couple of weeks have brought frosty days and wild, blustery winds to our beloved Bellingham.  Though challenging at times, this somewhat extreme weather offered many important learning opportunities for the Fox Walkers.  On those cold days full of frost, we gravitated to the wide open meadows of Fairhaven Park and Whatcom Falls Park to warm our bones in the sunshine.  We closely observed those open spaces and wondered why certain parts of the meadows were still frosty, while other parts had already melted.  We tracked each other’s footprints in the frost, made “frost angels” and played running games.  We experienced a much deeper appreciation for the warmth of the sun and the clothes on our backs.  We sipped forest tea and expressed gratitude for our cozy homes.  We sent lots of love to Douglina the Squirrel and the other creatures of the forest who sleep outside. And most importantly, we became more resilient!

The very windy days also brought us to the meadows, as we like to play it safe and avoid the tall hazardous trees (especially Alder and Cottonwood) on days such as these.  Brother Wind taught us many things, but the lesson that was the most fun of all was how to fly a kite!!  Oh, what a glorious time we had, taking turns flying kites, working together to get the kites going, observing which way the wind was blowing and coordinating our movements for successful flights.  This also required a lot of running, which warmed our bodies and invigorated our spirits!

Another activity that we’ve been loving at both Fairhaven Park and Whatcom Falls Park is taking turns rolling the children up into “blanket burritos”, which is not only fun, silly and connecting, but also is a great way to calm the sensory systems. More info on that HERE .

Some additional highlights at Fairhaven over the past couple of weeks include: adventuring to Falcon’s Nest where we played an epic game of Coyotes and Rabbits, using a brace and bit to make a knot-tying “station” and practicing our knot-tying skills on it, shapeshifting into blanket “ghosts”, visiting Salmon Bend and singing to the creek to bring in the salmon, and sit spot time.  

Some additional highlights over the past couple of weeks at Whatcom Falls include:  writing our names with charcoal, running on the bike pump track, exploring the fairy elevator tree, visiting “Antarctica” and the “pregnant Polar Bears”, climbing on the rhododendrons, making “bird nests”, digging in the fairy house “construction site”, discovering a real raccoon latrine, and jamming out on harmonicas and ukuleles!

As the Fall season comes to a close and we welcome in Winter, Patrick and I are feeling so incredibly grateful for the magical days that we have spent with the Fox Walkers over the past three months. We are also so grateful for you, dear parents, for your support of our programs and for all of the sweet and thoughtful gifts! We hope your holidays are wonderful and we look forward to seeing you next year!