Fox Walkers | Weeks 8 & 9 | Nature Names, Deer Ears & Oregon Grape

The past two weeks with the Fox Walkers have been filled with rain and sun and a whole lot of fun!

We’ve been practicing using our Deer Ears, shape-shifting into our Nature Names, discovering wild-looking fungi, observing Douglina the Squirrel, whittling Oregon Grape Root with butter knives (to make tincture & hand sanitizer) and warming our cold wet bones by the fire!

Some highlights from Fairhaven include:  riding the great Cedar horses, dissecting two large owl pellets, observing a deer up close, finding a toothed jelly fungus and many other amazing mushrooms, adventuring to Falcon’s nest, sit spot time, and playing many rounds of Owl Eye!

Some highlights from Whatcom Falls include:  spending time at Vine Maple Village (where we were visited by Douglina!), observing two Pileated Woodpeckers pecking massive holes into a tree at Heart Home, working together to chop a stick with a rock, finding slug eggs and a Western Red backed Salamander, and spontaneously getting a lunchtime fire going on a very cold and rainy day! 

Each week together brings greater connections to each other and to the earth, and we are so thankful for it all!