Fox Walkers | Weeks 6 & 7 | Fall Family Fun

My oh my the last two weeks have been magical! As you can tell from the pics, the sun decided to mostly stick around and grace us with the best light for the peak fall colors.  Leaves, EVERYWHERE! We have had so much fun with leaves! It just feels good to wrap your Raccoon Hands around a big pile of dry leaves and send them flying into the air (or at a friend).  Try not to giggle even a little bit while  doing it. And this last week we had a “Family Day” at each park where we invited the families out to the forest with us. If you made it out, thank you we obviously had a blast and if not, hopefully you can join us in the spring!

We all heard stories about how Coony the Dog learned to use the new awareness skill “Raccoon touch”.  Not only can this help you to “see” in the dark but also tune into the wind on your skin and the feeling of cold and wet when we splash too high on our boots.  There is much that Raccoon and the other forest animals can teach us.   

We used Raccoon touch to “Meet a Tree” while blindfolded and to guess what nature was inside a box; we used our Raccoon hands to make trickster tracks from a bear to a fox. We drilled into wood working as a team, it felt good.

 Listening to Douglina, we used wood and some leaves to make squirrel shelters full of insulating debris. (We also learned to be aware of the wind and not make our camp under Red Alder or Cottonwood or any dead snag.)   This meant we had to get a pile of leaves bigger then me!

We climbed up the hill and slid down like an otter. We made little dam to re-channel the water. Some parents learned how to take Stinging Nettle and transform it into a bracelet soft and gentle!

We roasted wild apples over the fire and climbed trees with hearts that were free.  We found about 1 million mushrooms and about 1,000 of them made someone shriek with glee.  It was a good time of year to be in the Forest you see. 

Other highlights from Fairhaven include: visiting Nuthatch Knoll, Salmon Bend and a new favorite, “Coyote Den”; finding a sleeping queen bald-faced hornet, making funky nature art, climbing overturned roots, watching Douglina the Chickaree munch on a fir cone right in front of us and so much more.

Other highlights from Whatcom include: Ukulele fun - Jamming out all over that park… we have some serious musicians in this crew; rolling and “dirtboarding” down the hill,  finding multiple salamanders on the main trail and showing them to people who have never seen salamanders;  finding bugs and other creepy crawlies; hiding in the ferns and so much more. 

Please check the pics, there are a ton!