Fire Keepers | Weeks 4 & 5 | Nettle, Knotweed and Nary a Cloud in the Sky

The sun has been an everyday presence around here for the last few weeks and it sure makes it hard to spend anytime inside on the computer.  We have been taking full advantage of this at Fire Keepers and really had some fun, exciting weeks out on the land. On our adventures, we harvested Stinging Nettle for cordage, discovered a magical world of 10 foot tall invasive Japanese Knotweed, ID’d mushrooms, snuggled salamanders and invented an obstacle course out of huge fallen trees!

We processed the nettle and one of the kids was able to start making some cordage out of the nettle fibers, while everyone else got as far as pounding their nettle to make cordage this week.  Nettle is such an amazing resource both as a food and fiber, we love it so!

We had fun playing wolf ball and a version of Capture the Flag where there is only one flag and an offense and defense. We revealed about 1000 Spider Webs with the “Magic Spider Spray”. One time a student stepped on a large red-belted polypore which was a bummer, but it turned into a learning opportunity when we sawed it open and got to see how old it was (somewhere between 7-9 years old depending on our interpretation - these tree-eating medicinal mushrooms are perennial and actually put on woody material each year)

There are so many more stories but I will let the pics speak for themselves and get back outside before that sun dips below the sound.