Week 13 | Fox Walkers at Fairhaven | Tree ID & Awareness Games

We’re so happy to be back in the forest with the Fox Walkers after the long holiday break!

As we find ourselves in the midst of winter, our curriculum theme is shifting towards Trees & Survival.  Hence, we will be spending the next few weeks focusing specifically on tree identification and the survival uses of the trees that are native to this area.

Last week our story focused on the Western Hemlock, which is not only beautiful but is also an incredibly helpful tree for primitive fire making.  The tiny branches of the Hemlock make perfect tinder as they’re able to catch fire even when they’re still a little bit wet.   In our story, a young adventurous chipmunk who lives with her family in a huge Western Hemlock learns to identify the Hemlock by its white stripes on the bottom of it’s green needles, which happen to match the white eye stripes on her chipmunk face!

We enjoyed playing various games which deepen awareness around tree identification, such as “Plant Concentration”, “Meet-a-Tree”, and “You’re Only Safe If…”  We also worked on getting a fire coal with our bow drill kit.  While we were spending time at Forest Home, the Fox Walkers spontaneously decided to build a “bridge” over a muddy area, and worked together to coordinate log transportation and placement.  

We even adventured all the way to Hundred Acre Wood on Thursday, where we discovered some of the biggest mushrooms that we’ve ever seen and came across an amazingly dry shelter that had room inside for almost all of us!

It was a wonderful (and a pretty wet!) week back at Fairhaven, and we’re looking forward to this week’s adventures!