Week 20 | Fox Walkers | "Chips! Chips!" and other companion calls...

Last week at Fox Walkers Forest Kindergarten we dove a bit deeper into the 5 main voices of the birds, with an awareness around companion calls.  Companion call refers to the vocalizations used by birds as a means of locating one another or checking in with their mates or the rest of their flock.  Simple “chirps”, “chips”, and other bird “chatter” in a relaxed kind of way generally indicates companion calling.  The birds are basically saying to each other, “Hey.  How’s it going?  Where you at?”  

In our puppet show/story, Moon Bird learned from two Dark Eyed Juncos all about companion calls, as he observed them making “chipping” noises at each other while he was at his sit spot!

For more info on the 5 main voices of the birds, check out Bird Language Demystified from the our Wild Wednesday Blog archives.

Some highlights of Fox Walkers at Fairhaven Park last week:  shapeshifting into house cats and Robins in a sneaky scouting game, examining and identifying various bird feathers and wings from the nature museum, playing hiding games and getting stuck in some serious mud monsters at our Forest Home, fishing at Salmon Bend, and having a sweet sit spot where we observed lots of Juncos and Chickadees near a bird feeder!  

Some highlights of Fox Walkers at Whatcom Falls Park:  observing countless ducks (Many Mallards all paired up, a mating pair of Wood Ducks & a pair of Common Goldeneye, a Merganser) plus Canada Geese eating a bunch of corn, using field guides to identify these various waterfowl, playing an epic game of Duck Duck Goose, making tracks on the mud, and playing our new click sticks that Pat made out of Big Leaf Maple.

Fairhaven Park

Whatcom Falls Park: