Week 2 | Fox Walkers at Whatcom | Sunshine, Owl Eyes and Cattail Magic!

Sunshine was abundant last Friday as we gathered with our Fox Walkers class at Whatcom Falls Park.  The large Big Leaf Maple that we generally meet under in the morning provided us with abundant entertainment in the form of fallen leaves.  We spent a good amount of time gathering the leaves and creating the biggest leaf pile ever, jumping in the pile, and playing an epic game of "Leaf Monster"!

Over snack we enjoyed a puppet show presented by Patrick, in which Moon Bird shapeshifted into an owl and completely fascinated Running Deer with his impeccable ability to catch "prey".  Moon Bird claimed that his new skills are due to him spending lots of time practicing how to be an owl while he's at his sit spot.  He then taught Running Deer how to use her "Owl Eyes" to expand her visual awareness in the woods.  Perhaps us Fox Walkers should try using our Owl Eyes sometime!

After our circle we made our way through the park, stopping to explore Rose hips, examining a deceased mouse that was being eaten by yellow jackets (a fascinating sight indeed!) and climbing on an enormous boulder covered with trees that we've decided to name "Squirrel Rock".  Our path led us to a "secret" Cattail Swamp on the edge of the pond, and accessing the swamp was an adventure of its own!  We bravely navigated across a large fallen tree that was situated a couple of feet off of the ground.  This was a bit of edge for some of the Fox Walkers, but we were confident that they could do it.  Some children chose to stay on two feet and fox walk across the log, while others experimented with "Raccoon" form, crouching down on all fours to help with balance.  Once we all successfully made our way across the log, we celebrated our achievement, explored the Cattails, and practiced using our owl eyes while playing a hiding game called "Owl Eye".  It was a magical place to play, and we wished that we had more time to explore there.

We finally made our way back to the meadow to meet parents with Cattail seed pod "hotdogs" in our hands, spreading "snowy" seed fluff throughout the land.  We're grateful for a wonderful second week of class, and we look forward to the adventures that await us this week!