Week 2 | Fox Walkers at Fairhaven | Owl Eyes and Monkeying Around!

We had a great week at Fairhaven this week with the Fox Walkers on our 2-day program.   Our theme this week was “Owl Eyes” and we heard a great story and saw a puppet show about a game that Moon Bird and Running Deer like to play called “How’d you do that?”.  We learned that when Moon Bird puts his mind to it and practices looking with the eye to be an owl can shapeshift into an owl and completely fascinated Running Deer with his impeccable ability to catch "prey".  She watched him do an Owl dance in the moonlight and transform into an Owl in front of her very eyes! Later, back in human form, Moon Bird told Running Deer that his new skills are due to him spending lots of time practicing how to be an owl while he's at his sit spot.  He then taught R.D. how to practice using her own "Owl Eyes" to see more in the forest.  

The Fox Walkers must have been inspired because we spent quite a bit of time this week pretending to be owls in the woods.  Through games, imitations and imaginative play there was many a “mouse” caught for supper!  You could really see our pack of "Owls" bonding before our eyes as they created a whole universe under the Cedar and Hawthorn trees. 

Other highlights included finding a shelter and working together to re-build it and make it a bit more safe, finding feathers, eating berries and playing "Owl Eye" in the tall grass.  Oh and there was a WHOLE LOT OF MONKEYING AROUND! Some of the trees in the forest to beg to be clambered upon by us Homo sapiens in our wild forms... We were more then happy to oblige.