Wild Berry Ice Cream!

Ripe Red Huckleberries, Trailing Blackberries, Himalayan Blackberries, Blackcap Raspberries, and Thimbleberries are exploding amongst the forest and fields these days, and our summer camp students just can’t get enough of their sweet and tart deliciousness!  A couple of weeks ago we challenged some Earth Scouts to a mission:  collect as many ripe wild edible berries as possible, and we’ll whip up a batch of Wild Berry Ice Cream!  They happily accepted the challenge and foraged a ton of berries over at a favorite spot that we like to call "Huckleberry Hill".  

The Earth Scouts were able to help in the ice cream-making process as well, as we made the ice cream entirely out in the field (aka “off-grid”), using this cool Yay Labs Soft Shell Ice Cream Ball.  We filled one side of the ball with the ice cream blend and the other side of the ball with ice and ice cream salt to allow for rapid cooling.  Then we rolled the ball around for a bit, which is an essential step for the ice cream making process.  We had a blast using the ball to play fun games in the field!  

The excitement and anticipation was high when we finally opened the ball up to check on our ice cream.  Though the consistency wasn't quite commercial brand-caliber, it was still a tasty, cooling wild treat on a hot day, and the Earth Scouts were proud to share their delicious creation with their families at our end-of-camp potluck!

 Here's the very simple recipe that we used:

Wild Berry Ice Cream 


~An abundance of wild berries (be sure that you know what you're picking first, and leave some berries for the birdies!)

~ 1 quart of cream (we used coconut cream)

~1 cup sweetener of choice (sugar, maple syrup, honey, etc.)

~1 Tablespoon vanilla extract (optional)


1.  Mix all Ingredients together.

2.  Use an ice cream maker to transform that sweet "soup" into ice cream (or if you don't already have and ice cream maker and don't want to purchase one, check out some other easy ways to make ice cream at home on these blogs: here and here .


Cool off with this delicious sweet Wild Treat!

"Huckleberry Hill" has the best huckleberries!

Mixing ice cream ingredients!

The finished ice cream ball product!


Playing fun field games with the ice cream ball!