6.15.17 Fox Walkers | Wrapping the Bundle in the Rain

This past Thursday marked our last day of our Fox Walkers Forest Kindergarten program. Someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that it was supposed to be warm and sunny, so we ended on a rainy day — luckily our Fox Walkers are hearty and came dressed for the weather, so we heard not one complaint about the wetness!  That alone makes me feel like this year has been a huge success. 

For the last day, Melissa debuted something special - she made Moon Bird and Running Deer puppets and put on a puppet show for us under Story Tree.  It was a fantastic tale where Moon Bird and Running Deer rescued a baby owl from a hungry raccoon!   When Mama Owl found Moon Bird and Running Deer taking care of her baby, she told them that she often sees them at their sit spots and caring for the forest.  Mama Owl promised that she would always watch out for them as they watched out for her owlet. It was a gripping tale and I don’t think any children said the slightest peep the entire time - they were enthralled!

We then made our way to Animal Hotel, playing some hiding games and tracking deer along the way.  We found a balance between giving the kids some extra challenges for the last day and holding space for free play.  It felt like a very full and smooth flowing day. 

At one point we played a challenging and fun game called Plant Concentration, which required the children to team up and go on a scavenger hunt for a few specific plants.  This is an excellent game for honing in on plant identification skills.  Melissa and I were certainly impressed with the Fox Walker's abilities to accurately identify and locate these different plants.  Way to go, FoxWalkers!  We've got quite the crew of budding foragers/herbalists!

We ended a few minutes early back at the labyrinth to share food and stories with the Parents.  Endings of programs are always bittersweet and this one was no different.  We have such a sweet crew of kids and parents that have joined us this spring and we hope that we'll be seeing everyone again real soon!

If you want to join in on the fun, come find us out at Summer Camps or next year at one of our school year programs! The Fox Walkers Forest Kindergarten will be at Fairhaven on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and Whatcom Falls on Friday mornings.  We will also be running our Fire Keepers Homeschool Enrichment Program on Wednesdays at the Hundred Acre Wood!

Happy Summer Y’all! 

All sorts of Wild and Wooly creatures in the forest and a yummy fruit salad - farm fresh strawberries, wild salmonberries and candied wild Roses -- YUM!

Melissa putting on an amazing puppet show in the forest...

A found treasure, a lush sit spot and a round of "Plant Concentration"