6.01.17 Fox Walkers | Wild Roses, Coyote Scat, and an Animal Hotel!

Wild rose season is upon us, so we began our day together on Thursday by preparing some candied rose blossoms.  We coated each blossom with sugar water and laid them out to dry on a pan.  I’ll be sure to bring this sweet treat back to class to share at our end-of-year potluck on June 15th!

After games and movement circle, we gathered under Story Tree to hear the continuation of Moon Bird and Running Deer’s Capture the Flag Game saga.  The game finally came to an end when Running Deer was visited by a baby owl who helped her successfully “capture” Moon Bird’s flag!

So many rose bushes in Fairhaven Park!

After story we wandered through the forest, examining some mysterious bright orange fungus that seems to be growing on the stems of the wild rose bushes along the main trail.  What a fascinating phenomenon!  We also stumbled upon some VERY FRESH coyote scat right on the trail.  Upon dissecting the scat with a stick, it appears as though Coyote had been munching on a snail of some sort!?! 

We eventually made our way to a Secret Spot that Pat and I recently discovered at our Tuesday after school program.  This magical place is home to group of large Cedar and Douglas Fir trees that form a natural shelter with low branches which are perfect for climbing on and hanging off of.  With the on and off rain throughout the day on Thursday, we were super grateful to have this spot to keep us dry!

It was clear from the fresh animal tracks and signs that we discovered nearby that this Secret Spot is a major stomping grounds for deer, squirrels, woodpeckers, songbirds, and lots of other critters.  Hence, this place was given the name “Animal Hotel”.  We played at Animal Hotel for the rest of the day, building shelters, hanging off the branches, and playing silly games.

We ended our time together with a quiet sit spot in a nearby meadow, where we were greeted by Spotted Towhees, flying insects and lots of singing Song Sparrows.  So much to observe this time of year!

Making candied roses!

Rose rust fungus

Designing a Shelter!

Hello, roses!

Fresh Coyote Scat!

The Animal Hotel is the place to be!