6.08.17 Fox Walkers | Salmonberries and Walking Sticks!

“June-uary” is upon us, and the wild, wet weather that we were greeted with on Thursday morning was a potent reminder.  You never know what each day will bring this time of year!  Our hearty crew of Fox Walkers didn’t seem phased at all by the rainy weather, and Pat and I are thankful to all of you parents for continuously equipping your children with warm and weather-appropriate gear.  It makes all the difference!

We began our morning with a huge game of Run Rabbits Run, followed by movement circle in the labyrinth.  Under the boughs of Story Tree, we stayed dry as we heard a story about a visit from Running Deer’s dad, Poppa Chris.  Poppa Chris was not much of a nature lover when he came to visit Running Deer and Moon Bird at their log cabin in the woods.  But over the course of his visit he learned to love the natural world, and he even connected deeply with an incredible bird known as an Osprey, who taught him how to catch countless amounts of fish!  He eventually left the woods to return to the city, but the walking stick that Running Deer and Moon Bird carved for him will continue to remind him to stay wild at heart.

After story, we made our way to an excellent shelter from the rain, Animal Hotel!  Along the way we came across the biggest Banana Slug that we've ever seen!  We named him Grandpa Slug.  At Animal Hotel, we played, built shelters, and worked on a secret craft for our fathers in honor of Father’s Day next Sunday.  Pat and I were amazed at the focus and creative vision that all of the Fox Walkers demonstrated as they worked on their crafts.

We also had the pleasure of harvesting some ripe Salmonberries!  Yum!  It’s still early in the season so there are many more berries that have yet to ripen.

We eventually made our way back to the meadow at the end of the day, proudly sporting our Father’s Day creations as we walked.  

It was another wonderful day and we look forward to next week, our final day with this special crew.  See you then!

Back at the Animal Hotel!

Using butter knives to whittle designs in the walking sticks

Walking Sticks for dad!

Our creations!