5.18.17 Fox Walkers | An "Owl-y" Kind of Day

The sun greeted us again last Thursday, and it felt great to play in its glorious warm rays after such a rainy time at class the week before!  We began our day with a game called Fire Keeper in the meadow, which involves stealthily sneaking up on the blindfolded “Fire Keeper” and attempting to steal his/her “fire”.  This is a very tricky game to master!

After games and movement, I shared a story about Running Deer’s incredible sit spot experience with a squirrel and an owl.  She discovered that fox walking quietly to her sit spot and sitting with “owl eyes”, “deer ears”, and a “dog nose” really helped her be “one” with nature, and that’s when the squirrel and the owl started to be more comfortable with her presence!  After that, she started to really LOVE going to her sit spot!

The forest is the perfect place to connect with each other and the Earth!

After story, we took off on a wander to Frog Swamp Flats, with the mission to find signs of owls, as Pat and I had heard a couple of Barred Owls calling to each other in that area while we were with our Tuesday after school program earlier that week.  We wandered to the nearby grove of trees where we suspected the owls might have been, and lo and behold we discovered an owl pellet!  We decided to follow Running Deer’s advice and have a quiet sit spot to see if the owls would reveal themselves to us.  Birdsongs, human songs and the smells of Spring filled the air while we sat there.  It was a sweet sit spot experience and a nice opportunity for sensory immersion in nature!  The owls were not so active though :-(   

Some muddy free play followed, then we journeyed our way back to the meadow, discovering a fluffy owl feather on the way!  I guess it was an “owl-y” kind of day!  Looking forward to seeing what this Thursday brings. . . 





The game of Fire Keeper requires a lot of stealth and skill. . .

Check out this forest beauty!

Owl came to visit Running Deer at her sit spot once she started practicing being quiet in the woods

Fishing at Frog Swamp Flats!