5.11.17 Fox Walkers | Bent Bark Baskets and Spring Rain!

Today at class we began our time together by peeling bark off of freshly cut Alder and Maple saplings to use for a nature craft.  The bark comes off of most trees very easily this time of year!  The Fox Walkers really seemed to enjoy the process of peeling the bark and exploring the cold, moist, smooth sapwood underneath.

Afterwards, we played a couple rounds of the game “Otter Steals Fish”, then got some more movement in during circle time, which featured a few new Spring songs!  

Under Story Tree, we heard the tale of the time when Moon Bird’s mom came to visit him and Running Deer in the forest.  She was gifted a special craft made from the bark of trees.   

We then made our way down the trail, practicing our Crow Call as we walked, and noticing animal activity along the way (we spooked a Towhee, spotted a deer trail with feeding sign, and discovered an old Robin’s nest!).  

We eventually settled into one of our favorite spots right off the trail, and we jumped right into making our nature craft:  bent bark baskets/flower holders for the Moms, in honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday!  We spent quite a bit of time focusing on this craft and it was sweet to see how each basket turned out. 

Just as we were winding down with lunch time, some big dark clouds starting moving in, and in a matter of moments heavy rain and winds made their way through the forest.  Glancing up, we observed that some nearby trees were home to some loose dead branches that were in danger of falling.  We quickly made our way out of the forest to the picnic shelter to take cover and warm our bodies up with a silly song about being a banana! 

Once the rain and winds subsided, we spent our last few moments of class climbing in some trees and collecting flowers for our hanging baskets!

It was a fun and exciting day despite the rain, and we look forward to more adventures next week!  Happy Mother’s Day, Moms!


Peeling Maple and Alder bark and exploring sapwood!

Using an awl to poke holes in the bark for sewing

Examining a vacant Robin's nest and a deer trail!

Sewing up the sides of the bent bark to make a basket!

finished hanging baskets, ready to be filled with flowers for mother's day!