4.14.17 | Deer and Fawn Day - Bushwhacking and Raccoon Touch

Meeting a mysterious tree with raccoon hands

It was a glorious day for a wild wander at Deer and Fawn Day on Friday.  After a morning filled with games (including a plant awareness game called “You’re Only Safe If.. “ where we stumbled upon the deadly plant known as Poison Hemlock!), movement circle, and a Moon Bird and Running Deer story about how their dog shape-shifted into a Raccoon, we took off on an off-trail child-led bushwhack through the forest.  Along the way we collected plants for our Plant Press, discovered a real moss-covered bathtub in Horsetail Meadow, nibbled on Salmonberry flowers, climbed over logs, and battled mud monsters!  Alas, we arrived at a sunny grove amongst elderly Douglas Fir trees to enjoy lunch.  

After lunch, we embraced our Raccoon selves and played a game called “Meet a Tree”, where one Raccoon is blindfolded and gets led to a tree by another Raccoon.  The blindfolded Raccoon “meets” the tree using his or her hands, noticing any distinguishing features of that tree through their sense of touch.  The blindfolded Raccoon is then led back to the starting spot, and then they have to find the tree they just met, using their eyes this time!  We love this game because it gives us the opportunity to tap into our sense of touch more deeply.

After three fun-filled hours out in the forest, it was time for us all to part ways.  We are grateful for a really sweet Deer and Fawn Day, as we have really been enjoying getting to know each family that attends!

Momma raccoon explores a small mossy-covered tree with her hands

Getting our bearings while out on a bushwhack

Using raccoon touch helps us get to know trees in a different way