4.13.17 | FoxWalkers Forest Kindergarten - Bird Language and Log Jumping

Pat sharing a fascinating story about the wisdom of Robins

The sun graced us with its glorious presence once again this past Thursday at FoxWalkers Forest Kindergarten.  It was so nice to have adventures in the forest again after a week away.  We began our time together with some games in the labyrinth, including “Fly Robins Fly”, where we experienced what it was like to be American Robins fleeing from hungry house cats—  a harsh reality for many songbirds out there!

After movement circle, we enjoyed a story shared by Pat about our favorite characters, Moon Bird and Running Deer, who met an elderly friend in the forest that resembled an American Robin.  Old Man Robin taught Moon Bird and Running Deer about the voices of the birds.  He encouraged them to listen to the Robins while they’re sitting at their sit spots, since the Robins— as well as many other songbirds— use their voices to let them know when a predator is nearby! 

Pat the STellar's Jay gets scared away by Chickadees defending their nest

Off to the forest we wandered, stopping along the trail to observe how the plants have changed since our last adventure.  So many plants are popping up these days, it’s quite amazing! Pat has been on an ongoing mission to find salamanders at Fairhaven, and although he has carefully turned over countless logs where those critters typically like to dwell, he has yet to come across one in this park!  Hmm….  where have those guys been hiding??

A baby "Chickadee" taking a rest in her nest

We eventually made our way to a secret little nook just off trail, where we discovered lots of exciting plants, including Stinky Skunk Cabbage, Stinging Nettles and countless Lady Fern fiddleheads! 

We spent some time practicing our balance by walking along a downed tree trunk and jumping like cats off the log, then we played a game called Jays and Chickadees.  In this game, the Chickadees used their “alarm” call (chickadeedeeedeee!!!) to scare off a hungry Stellar’s Jay that was trying to rob their nests of food.  Afterwards we reflected on how exhausting it is to be a Chickadee, constantly flying from the nest to gather more food, while keeping an eye out for predators like the Stellar’s Jay.  Stellar’s Jay has a tough job too, since he has to be sneaky enough to not alarm the Chickadees.  It’s not easy being a birdie!

We’re grateful for another fun frolic with the FoxWalkers, and we look forward to next week’s adventures!  See you then!

P.S.-  The birds have much to chatter about these days, what birds sounds have YOU been noticing in the forest lately??






Stinky Skunk Cabbage, Lady Fern fiddleheads, and Cherry Blossoms!!

Examining some bird wings from our nature museum!

Jumping like wildcats off a log