3.02.17 | FoxWalkers Forest Kindergarten - Signs of Spring, Mud Monsters and Nature Journaling

The Forest is Our Classroom, the Earth is our School...

We enjoyed a wonderful first day of Forest Kindergarten Spring Session this past Thursday!

It was so nice to meet new families and get to know new kiddos!

We started our day off by examining various animal skulls from the “nature museum”.  We explored the variety of teeth found on the skulls and pondered which types of food or prey might be chewed with them.  We also explored some plaster-casted animal tracks and discussed which creatures the tracks belong to.

After sharing our gratitude and engaging in an animal-inspired movement circle, we made our way to Story Tree, where we enjoyed some forest tea and heard a story from both Melissa and Patrick about exciting encounters with owls.  Melissa shared a story about meeting an owl at her sit spot.  Patrick shared the story about a group of crows who told him and some children at Deer and Fawn Day (our family program in Fairhaven Park) where an owl was perched.  The owl was on a tree not too far from where we meet in the morning.  Pat and the children eventually found an owl pellet full of rodent fur, bones and even a skull at the base of that tree!

After story, we took off on an adventure down the trail, observing signs of Spring along the way (right now the Indian Plum are starting to leaf out!).  Our boots were devoured by “mud monsters”, we created some cozy fairy houses among magical Cedars, we discovered a mysterious tiny bright red mushroom, and we even found a place where Squirrel likes to nibble on Douglas Fir cones!

We also played an exciting hiding game called Eagle Eye.  We love this game not only because it’s fun, but also because the experience of laying in thickets while trying to hide from Mama Eagle gives us the opportunity to practice invisibility and stillness while observing nature with our eyes and ears in a more focused way.  You never know what exciting nature encounters may emerge as you quietly sit and wait!  One time I got pretty close to a couple of birds who didn't even suspect my presence, so they practically hopped right on top of me while I was playing Eagle Eye!  

Afterwards, we spent some time drawing natural items and creating leaf rubbings in our journals.    

We hopped like rabbits down the trail and made our way back to the meadow, where we gathered in a circle with the mamas and younger siblings and shared our highlights of the day.  

We are so grateful for such a wonderful day together and we look forward to next week!

There are still a few more spots open in our Forest Kindergarten Spring Session and we will be accepting new students through the end of March.  Please help spread the word!