3.23.17 | FoxWalkers Forest Kindergarten - Return to "Frog Swamp Flats"

This past week at our Forest Kindergarten was one of the perfect days that one dreams about as a Nature Connection Mentor.  The sun was shining, the wind was blowing, the birds we singing and building nests, spring growth was all around and pure joy was in the faces of everyone!

Melissa introduced her Cedar recorder to call our morning movement circle and this just added to the magic. The movement circle is really starting to flow and is a great way to come together and get the energy flowing in the morning.

Under Story Tree, we heard from our friends Moon Bird and Running Deer who were learning about core routines such as Owl Eyes, Deer Ears, Dog Nose, Raccoon Touch, Fox Walk and Sit Spot. We learned how finding a Sit Spot/Secret spot is a great place to connect with ourselves and the land and practice those core routines. The children may be looking for Secret Spots at home this week if they don't have them already. (Don’t worry they all know to let an adult know where their secret spot is for safety’s sake ;) )

Out on our adventures we put those core routines into practice. One nice payoff when we were moving so quietly that we got to see an American Robin with nesting material in its mouth! Spring is definitely here…

We were motivated to go back up to “Frog Swamp Flats” and check-in on the amphibian eggs we found last week.  As we were looking, we noticed more eggs then before and right behind Melissa was a bright beautiful Pacific Chorus Frog (Hyla regilla)! This was met with some super excited energy when I caught the frog, but the kids quickly calmed down and did a great job observing the beautiful creature with love and respect. It was really amazing to see the frog swim in the vernal pool where we found the eggs last week! Could the eggs belong to this native tree frog? We hope to find out!

Other highlights included visits from hummingbirds, a bumble bee, and a host of edible and medicinal plants cropping up! We found coyote scat at two different trail intersections and even met a woman collecting the fragrant and sticky Black cottonwood buds (Populus trichocarpa) to make some powerful “Balm of Gilead” salve!

So much to explore and enjoy out there and we are having so much fun with this crew! Who knows what adventures await this spring!

We still have some spaces left and we are still letting families sign up through 4/12 to join us for our final 10 Thursdays of spring! If you know of any another 4-7 year olds who would like to join us, please spread the word! Many thanks!

And just a note that we also have spaces open in our Spring Break Nature Camp for 7-12 year olds in Cornwall Park 4/3 thru 4/7! 

Have a great weekend and hopefully you can make time for a walk in the woods! Hope to hear stories of what you find.

All Eyes on our guest of honor! (Though we are truly the guests here, thanks for having us over. ;) )

Catching frogs! (Catch and release, of course). 

Such a classic spring activity and a great motivator to get outdoors.

Such rich textures - from slimy fungi to soft bumblebees