Deer and Fawn Day, Feb 5

Snug as a bug in a rug

We had another fun Deer and Fawn day this past Friday.  After a big warming period, we were back in the throws of winter and snow had come down once again! 

We enjoyed playing stick drag and doing some tracking in the snow. Once we found a cool overturned stump that was large enough for a kid (or Dad) to crawl into, it instantly became a fort and we started figuring ways to make it more comfortable. After filling the floor with moss, ferns, and fir boughs it actually was somewhat cozy. And there was an upstairs apartment big enough for a cat to sleep in or a child to crawl through! 

We were very excited about hiding this week and played some fun games on the trail that gave us a chance to sink in.  During one of the times we were hiding deep in the forest, a Raven appeared above us in a tree and started making this funny gurgling noise... Over, and over, and over... We got to check them out while they made the noise and it just felt really special!

(For a cool video that I didn't take of a Raven making this call click here)

Talk about camo!
How many humans do you see?

At the end of our session,  one family didn't want to leave the park when we were done and we ended up leaving them playing in the Cedars.  Before we left, we heard them say something to the effect of: "We should come out to the woods as a family more often!"  It definitely made me smile as that is our goal here: to connect people with the land and each other! 

Hope to see some more families out with us on March 3rd.

And don't forget we are enrolling the Spring session of our Forest Kindergarten (4-7 year olds) and our Homeschool Enrichment Program now.  Sign up now to ensure your child's place in the program!


We got to see the bushy tailed creature making these beautiful bounding tracks!