Nature After Dark

48 Hours at a Cougar Kill/Cache Site

Just wanted to follow up on all the excitement Melissa and I had trailing that cougar through the snow last week!  

We pulled out our trusty motion-activated trail camera and set it up facing the cache site. We saw no sign of any large mammals for several days. Because cougars are such efficient hunters, and they prefer fresh meat, we thought it likely that the cougar was done feeding on this deer. 

But that didn't mean he not would stop back around to “read the news” and see who had been visiting his vanquished quarry. We also suspected that other creatures of the forest might take advantage of this sudden food source — after all, nothing is wasted in the wild.

So we left the camera up for a week without disturbing the site with our smelly humanness.  When we went to check and see what the cat dragged, in the results far exceeded our expectations!

There was a possum and 2 coyotes. The coyotes stayed for 15 minutes, marked multiple times (in the same place) and took away two lower deer legs and chowed out... They were certainly able to find some nutritions meat and marrow worth munching on. 

Seeing two coyotes together was certainly exciting.
Are they mates pairing up or perhaps a momma with her almost grown pup?

Then, 24 hours later, a HUGE, LONG SET OF WHISKERS appears to be sniffing right up next to the camera... What could that be?!?!?!?

The next video shows our friend, Puma concolor, clearly stalking through the frame and gives a little hop towards the marking spot under the Cedar. Beautiful. You can see him carefully lift his powerful paw and set it down gently. I am so in awe of this powerful predator.

I very much wish our camera took videos longer then 10 seconds, but so grateful for this window into the wilds outside.

Nature.... after dark.

So Stoked!

I put together a little compilation of the footage, its my first attempt at video editing since high school so let me know what you think!