Week 11 | Fox Walkers at Fairhaven | Hundred Acre Wood, Sunshine & Frost!

YAY for SUNSHINE!  We enjoyed a gorgeous week full of fun, adventure, and wild discoveries at Fairhaven Park.  

The Fox Walkers have been so helpful with preparing materials for our fires in the mornings.  They just love scraping the inner bark of Western Red Cedar to make tinder bundles, using their arm strength to help crank on the bow of our bow-drill kit, and batoning fresh firewood to put aside for future fires.  This crew is definitely passionate about fire!  And they absolutely love roasting apples too. . .

Continuing with the spirit of the holiday season, our story was once again about Gratitude.  In this story, Moon Bird and Running Deer were running low on their supply of foraged food that they stored for the winter.  They needed to harvest some meat in order to get through the season.  Moon Bird decided to go hunting for a wild rabbit and challenged himself to use only primitive technology for the hunt.  Running Deer showed him how to use a throwing stick—which is a simple arms-length stick—to hunt for food.  After Moon Bird successfully hunts a rabbit using the throwing stick, he and Running Deer were full of deep gratitude for the rabbit and all the other animals and plants that feed them!

On Tuesday, we took a long wild adventurous trek over to Hundred Acre Wood.  On the way we made sure to leave ourselves little clues so that we could navigate back home without getting lost.  At each trail crossing we left arrows made out of sticks that pointed us home.   We paid attention to the distinguishing features of the trail crossings and established nicknames for junctions and landmarks, such as “Triangle Trail” , “Cedar Rock” and “Mushroom Palace”.  This is called song lining, which is an important tool for aid-less navigation, and it’s also really fun!  Once we arrived at Hundred Acre Wood we climbed on top of a huge fallen Cedar tree and spent lots of time navigating its massive trunk— a.k.a. the “Cedar Highway”— and riding its Cedar “Horses”.  The Fox Walkers absolutely loved this place and didn’t want leave.  We also spotted a beautiful Western Redback Salamander with a yellowish stripe, and some really nice looking Oyster mushrooms while we there.  What a magical place!  We can’t wait to return!

On Thursday we were greeted with lots of frost on the ground, so we spent a good amount of time in the big meadow, rolling down the hill, exploring the footprints and trails left in the frosty grass, and chopping away at ice chunks!  We eventually made our way to our shelter spot— a.k.a. “Forest Home”— where we observed lots of bird activity and spotted squirrels munching on Hawthorn berries.  The Fox Walkers also spent some time banging away at their Wood Shop “tools” and showing our visitor around!  It was a spectacular day in the sunshine and we are truly grateful.