Week 12 | Fox Walkers at Whatcom | Awareness Games & Nature Ninja Training!

It was another epic day at Whatcom Falls Park last Friday!  We began our time together by working on our holiday craft— a log suet feeder for the birdies.  The Fox Walkers spent the morning drilling holes in their logs with a tool known as a brace.  The large holes were then filled with suet, and the smaller holes were transformed into bird perches with the help of some branch cuttings and Douglas Fir pitch “glue”.  We also played a high-energy game of Run Rabbits Run, which is always a hit with this crew!

Our story was a mythological tale about the origin of Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year.  In the story, the Moon and the Sun play a game that will determine who will have control of the sky.  With the help of some Chickadees, the Sun wins the game.  In the end, the Sun comes to a compromise with the Moon, and agrees to share the sky.  They agree to have certain times of year where the Sun rules the sky, making for longer days (summer) and other times of year where the Moon rules the sky, making for longer nights (winter).  And one day out of the year, the Moon have a very, very, very long night to rule the sky.  This is the Winter Solstice.  

After our story we set out on adventure to our shelter area.  We were pleasantly surprised when we discovered that the leaves on the inside of our shelter were quite dry!  We spent a good amount of time near the Heart Home, playing hiding games, shapeshifting into wild creatures on our Nature Ninja Training Zone (a group of stumps and logs that we've transformed into a parkour gym), and tending to our shelter.  

After a quick excursion to the pond, where we observed Buffleheads amongst the Mallards, we ended our day with lunch back at the shelter followed by an exhilarating game of Jays and Chickadees, which brings awareness about bird language as a survival skill for songbirds.

We’re so grateful for another wonderful day with this sweet crew, and we wish you all a very Happy Winter Solstice and holiday season!