Week 4 | Fox Walkers at Whatcom | Apple Roasting and Otter sightings!

The rain was pouring down upon us as we welcomed the Fox Walkers back to Whatcom Falls Park last Friday, but that didn’t stop us from getting a fire going in the grill!  We spent our morning together roasting apple slices on sticks over the fire.  Tastes like apple pie . . . Yum!

Our puppet show portrayed a tale about Moon Bird and Running Deer’s dog named Coony, and how he taught his owners how to use the awareness skill know as “Raccoon Touch” to deepen their connection to the natural world.  Thanks for the wisdom, Coony!

After the puppet show, the Fox Walkers were intent on bringing our visitor Rob to Magical Cattail Land.  Along the way, we visited our usual favorite spots, including Squirrel Rock (whose slippery wet surfaces we very carefully navigated upon), and the Duck Pond.  We encountered an incredibly beautiful male Wood Duck at the pond, which was quite distinctive from our usual Mallards.  Just as the sun came out we discovered an exciting “Clay Beach” and spend much time making all sorts of “pancakes” and other assorted goodies with the clay.  Rolling moist moldable clay between our Raccoon hands was quite fun and therapeutic!

We eventually made our way to Magic Cattail Land, where we enjoyed our lunches, did a bit of hiding amongst the Cattails on Secret Island, and discovered the claw of a crayfish.  It was just about time to get going back to the meadow when we caught a glimpse of a River Otter in the water.  Eager to get a closer look, we quickly made our way over to the bridge.  Some of the Fox Walkers got a chance to see the Otter swim through the water, climb up on land, and then disappear into the boulders on the creek bed across the way!  It was an exciting encounter for sure, and we hope to see our Otter friend again sometime!

We’re grateful for another excellent Friday with the Whatcom Falls Fox Walkers, and we look forward to the magic, mystery, and adventure that will unfold next time!