Week 13 | Fox Walkers at Whatcom | New Year, Winter Cheer

It was great to welcome our Whatcom crew back after a very full Winter Solstice break! 

Our numbers are slowly growing and we have a really sweet and fun crew assembled on Fridays.  We are looking forward to a really exciting Winter and Spring with the Fox Walkers!  Just a few spaces remain if you or someone you know wanted to sign up their little one to join us!

This past week saw both rekindling of bonds formed in the fall and new friendships starting as well.  Major highlights included dissecting the owl pellet we found in December (the owl must have eaten something big like a squirrel judging by the size of bones), checking out the raging torrent that is the creek, exploring "dino" tracks, learning about Hemlock and the white stripes on the underside of the needles (just like "Tamis the Chipmunk"), playing games, climbing up tree roots and exploring "Squirrel Rock"! 

It was just great to be out there exploring our favorite places in the forest again.