Deer and Fawn, Oct 7th: Rose Hips and Rainbow Colors

Hiding places abound!

The next generation of naturalist examines a soft specimen.

Autumn art is ephemeral and ubiquitous.


Lovely rose hips

On October 7th, we had our first session of Deer and Fawn Days at Fairhaven Park! While the weather forecast showed rain, rain and more rain — our time in the park was BEAUTIFUL with some blue skies even shining through. 

We gave some thanks to all of those things keeping us alive and healthy and got to know each other a little before setting out on a wander.  There is a vast variety of autumn colors out in the park and the natural rainbow is beautiful.  In addition to the colors in the leaves, there was lichen and fungi galore and many plants boast bright red fruits…

On one trail, there was a tremendous amount of red berries that equalled fresh fresh medicine!  In the underbrush there was abundant Rose hips while above the trees were heavy with Hawthorn berries!

One enthusiastic Momma collected some Rose hips to take home and try and make some facial oil. Rose hip oil is often touted and a “miracle oil” for your skin and is full of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids! It helps heal acne, eczema and dry scalp while acting as an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, while rejuvenating and soothing the skin.  Not surprisingly, Rose hip oil fetches a pretty penny in the shops so besides connecting you to your local environment and being a lot of fun, you can save a bundle wildcrafting your own skin care products!

Keep an eye on this page for a more detailed Rose Hip Oil blog post from Melissa in the not too distant future!

After following a deer trail into a cozy nook, we played a fun hiding game called Eagle Eye.  It sure was fun, trying to hide in the tall grass ferns from the hungry eagle and got a super close up view of a millipede and a slug while down there! This nook proved to be the perfect spot for a lunch break!  After lunch, we were even able to find a few ripe blackberries on the vine for dessert!  A major highlight was when an excitable 4 year old fed her less then 1 year old brother his first Wild Blackberry! (with Mom’s permission of course)  I think he liked it!

After riding some Wild Horses (cedar limbs) it was time to say goodbye for the day. Time flies when you are playing in the woods…  

We hope a few more new friends can join us for Deer and Fawn Days next month on November 4th at Fairhaven Park!  You can reserve a spot for your family here.