For 7-12 yr olds.  
Starting in October 21! 



Through passions- and inquiry-based learning, nature awareness games, storytelling, creative play, and wild wanderings, "Dirt Timers" gain a deeper connection to the world of plants, mammals, birds, animal tracking, and survival skills.

Dirt Time students also cultivate a deeper connection to their community and to the unique gifts and talents that they bring to the world as individuals.

Our "Dirt Time" Monthly Program follows a similar curriculum to our Fire Keepers Homeschool Enrichment Program but meets one Saturday a month to accommodate those kids in school who cannot make it midweek.  

Each month will have a different theme following the natural flow of 8-shields curriculum. 

To maintain the integrity of this flow we would require students to enroll for the entire 8 week session (rather than on a class-by-class basis) in order to cultivate a sense of community amongst students and teachers and to build upon the learning experience each month.

We are going to have too much fun for the school week, so we had to run this class on the weekend!   Enroll with a friend and carpool to save gas.

2017-18 School Year Session 

  • 9am-3pm @ Whatcom Falls Park
  • One Saturday a month, October-May
    • October 21: Welcome Day, Hazards and Core Routines of Nature Awareness

    • November 18: Knife Safety & Skills

    • December 09: Fire making

    • January 20:  Primitive Shelters

    • February 17Animal Tracking

    • March 17: Bird Language

    • April 21Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants

    • May 21:  Scouting & Stewardship


  • Tuition: $432 for entire session of 8 classes.

  • Sibling Discount: 10% off the tuition of any additional siblings that enroll together.

  • Open to children ages 7-12

  • Contact us if you have any questions

*We will not be holding class for these two weeks from 9/26-10/6 because Melissa and Patrick will finally be taking their honeymoon to Ireland to study Ethnobotany and the traditions of their ancestors.  Unfortunately we don't have substitute teachers lined up at this point. We realize that this may inconvenience some families and we and will try our best to help families find alternative care if needed. Please make sure to let us know on your enrollment form if you would like help lining up alternative care for your child. Thanks!